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Dylesia Hampton Barner

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

Practice Name:

Radical Change Therapy

Company City and State

Based in Nashville, TN but also licensed to provide therapy in Virginia







Preferred Method of Contact:


I'm accepting new...

Individual Clients  

I offer...

Virtual Therapy

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Tuesday-Thursday 1-5p CST

Accepted Payment Method for Self-pay clients:

All major credit and debit cards

Self-pay Rate:

$250 per 90-minute intake session; $200 per 50-minute therapy session

Accepted Insurance Plans:

None, but clients are able to generate superbills through the client portal and file for direct reimbursement with their insurance company

Where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in the projects of Portsmouth, VA. Some of the communities I lived in growing up are Madison Village, Academy Park, Ida Barbour, Jeffry Wilson, and Swanson Homes.

What personal challenges have you overcome or are working through as a result of your upbringing?

My trauma history includes poverty, spiritual abuse, rape, abduction, exposure to community violence, and dysfunctional family dynamics. I believe even therapists without as rich of a trauma history as mine can benefit from therapy - everyone can. That said, I have been receiving ongoing therapy since 2014.


What inspired you to become a therapist?

Initially, my aim was to figure out my family, then it became to figure out myself, and ultimately, it became to equip others' with self-awareness - the single weapon capable of breaking generational curses.

What are your specialties?

I specialize in helping Black women thrive after interpersonal trauma, particularly mother-daughter dysfunction as I've found that many of the other traumas Black women bring into therapy (toxic friendships, cyclical romantic relationships, etc.) stem from abandonment, neglect, and abuse within their relationships with their mothers. 

Instagram Handle: @radicalchangetherapy

Facebook Web Page: facebook.com/radicalchangetherapy


Dylesia Hampton Barner, LCSW is a Licensed Therapist, Author, International Speaker, and Owner of Radical Change Therapy, a multi-state virtual mental health practice specializing in helping Black generational-curse breaking women thrive after interpersonal trauma.  She also is the Founder and President of Trap Therapist, a collective of mental health professionals from urban, low income backgrounds who offer counseling and community mental health programming to individuals in and from marginalized communities, and MESH (Mental, Emotional, & Spiritual Health), Inc., a non-profit organization that prepares youth and young adults from underserved communities to enter careers in wellness & mental health.


Dylesia is the author of Encouragement at Your Fingertips: 365 Days of Inspiration and a contributing author in Working with Grief & Traumatic Loss: Theory, Practice, Personal Reflection, and Self-Care. As a speaker, she has traveled as far as to Europe to deliver presentations to practitioners and laypersons on unique topics impacting the Black community. She has been featured in several publications, including O, the Oprah Magazine and Pop Sugar.