"Knowing that God and miracles reside where my capacity stops, I live on the edge – at the end of myself and the beginning of divinity."

Dylesia Barner, LCSW is an author, international speaker, and psychotherapist. She received a Master of Social Work degree from Norfolk State University in 2013 and a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication from Old Dominion University in 2011. In addition to Trap Therapist, Dylesia owns Existence, Consciousness, Bliss (ECB) Counseling, Psychotherapy, & Wellness Center, a private mental health practice located in Nashville, TN. At ECB, Dylesia treats clients facing a variety of psycho/social/emotional/spiritual issues, including anxiety, depression, family of origin concerns, and religious trauma. She also serves clients experiencing life transitions, particularly current/aspiring entrepreneurs and professional students.


Dylesia was born and raised in Portsmouth, VA as the oldest of three children whose primary caregiver was a single mother. The family of four resided in neighborhoods like Ida Barbour and Swanson Homes, urban, low-income communities known as “projects” or “traps.” Dylesia’s passion for individuals from similar areas is a result of the many traumatic experiences she faced during childhood and adolescence, including poverty, kidnap, rape, family dysfunction, and spiritual abuse.


Dylesia uses transparency to humanize therapists in a way that breaks mental health stigma by regularly creating conversations around emotional healing, breaking generational curses, and the differences that exist within minority sub-cultures. She has traveled as far as to Europe to deliver presentations to practitioners and laypersons on topics such as spiritual abuse, a form of religious trauma that often impacts vulnerable populations. In 2012, Dylesia published her first book Encouragement at Your Fingertips: 365 Days of Inspiration. She continues to develop self-help and Christian devotional content through her website Dylesia is a member Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and the Order of the Eastern Star – Prince Hall Affiliation.


than what I saw, so I did the opposite
I wanted something different

Growing up. I didn’t have role models. I had what I like to call 'reverse role models.'  


of what everyone else did. I think inspiration is great, but because I lacked a lot of it, I’m also able to see the downside of it – that it can threaten originality.


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