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Ellysa Arias

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Goddess, Transformational Coach, Trauma Focused Therapist

Practice Name:

Alchemize with Ellysa

Company City and State

Bay Shore, NY




Preferred Method of Contact:


I'm accepting new...

Individual Clients  


I offer...

Virtual Therapy

I serve...

 Children, Teenagers, Adults


Sunday-Saturday 11a-3p, 7p-10p

Accepted Payment Method for Self-pay clients:

Self-pay only - Venmo preferred method

Self-pay Rate:

$100-200 and I offer an equitable sliding scale

Accepted Insurance Plans:


Where did you grow up?

Long Island, NY

What personal challenges have you overcome or are working through as a result of your upbringing?

I have had to work through not being "mothered, and natured" and poured into by my biological mother. I have had to learn the many ways divine feminine energies and spirits have mothered me throughout my life and that radical love and acceptance has allowed me to heal and continue to heal from a mother whose idea of love is conditional.


What inspired you to become a therapist?

I was called to this work, this is my purpose. People are seeking therapists that celebrate and understand their identity parts. I know what it feels lack to lack belonging, worth, love for self and feeling lack you do not relate to your family, wishing your life reflected the joy I felt within, but not knowing how to live and love outloud, unapologetically.

What are your specialties?

Children, adolescents. BIPOC,I am a transpersonal, trauma focused, anti racist, social justice and racial equity activist, trained in conflict resolution, community, and building building, healing racial conflicts in corporate and large leadership teams, women's work, consulting in education, emotional intelligence, building cohesive teams.


Hi! Hola, Que Bola, Que lo que, y Que hay y Que vuelta?! I’m humbled that you’re here beloved.


You’re whole, nothing lacking. My name is Ellysa (she/her/Goddess), I am an inclusive and affirming practitioner. I’m a Native NYer’ and Latina serving hope, here to be in community, learn and serve my people. For the past 11 years, I have been trained in trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy, psychological first aid, suicide prevention, crisis intervention and rapid response and anti-racist frameworks such as from The People’s Institute: Undoing Racism. Jungian and transpersonal therapist. I am your around the way girl, hoop healer! I love my door knockers!


We live in a society starved for connection, are you feeling a lack of belonging? Everywhere we look we find evidence of the pain and suffering that permeates this world. People are hurting. Humanity is hurting. Mother Earth is hurting. Our families, society and the media instill messages of fear that we already feel deep inside. Maybe you’re experiencing a little voice inside telling you: it’s not safe to be here. Maybe, it’s not just that you don’t feel safe in this world, or disconnected from those around you. Perhaps you don’t feel safe inside of yourself. Freedom from mental enslavement is here. You’re not alone, and I will hold you and walk with you as we journey towards transformation and breakthrough.


We all come with gifts and treasures. My gift is that I speak my truth, raw and unapologetically. Although I am an “expert” and therapist. I speak in the language of hermana. Sister. I have worked hard to heal, and I continue to lead with vulnerability in hope that I can bridge connection in a world that leaves us feeling invisible, not held, felt or seen.


I tap into my divine feminine ancestral wisdom, my trauma informed lens as well as centering your voice and co- creating endless possibilities that will leave you feeling lighter after each session with a sense of clarity, preparedness and new found energy.


This work is HARD fam! However, I am here to tell you that recovery and living a vibrant life is your birthright! Healing is your birthright! JOY, is your birthright! Decolonizing means unlearning all of the ways you have been violent to yourself and others. Decolonizing is radical self love. Digging deep and leaning into the darkest parts of yourself and stepping fully into the true essence of who you are.


Are you ready to unlearn all of the unhealthy thought patterns that no longer serve you, and cultivate habits and coping skills that will propel you forward?

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