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Where were you born and raised?


Tell me more about thed environment you were born amd raised in, and any challenges you faced during your upbringing that you believe are a characteristic of being from "the trap."


How did your upbringing impact your decision to pursue a career in the mental health field?


How does your upbringing influence the way you approach mental health treatment. 


What's your most hilarious childhood memory? Please do not share anything you aren't comfortable sharing. 


What's your most traumatic childhood memory? Please do not share anything you aren't comfortable sharing. 


Describe your "turning point:" the moment or series of moments when you realized you wanted a better life for yourself.


What steps did you take to create a better life?


How do you give back (or want to give back) to youth and young adults from environments similar to where you're from? Please not whether your response is something you currently do or hope to do in the future.



To you, what does it mean to be a "trap therapist?" 


Why do you want to be featured?


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