The Trap Therapist Directory helps individuals from marginalized communities find mental health assistance from licensed professionals who grew up in urban, low-income areas. Being listed will gain you and your business exposure via multi-media, and events. The directory will be promoted alongside the brand, including on our podcast, From Where You’re From , available on Stitcher, SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play.  


In addition to being displayed at the 2018 Forbes 30 Under 30, Trap Therapist has been featured on the Melanin and Mental Health podcast, in She's Up magazine, and on WDJY 99.1 FM in Metro Atlanta, Kentucky, and Cincinnati. Trap Therapist has also collaborated with organizations such as ReviVall App to produce mental health content designed to increase public understanding of concepts such as anxiety, self-care, depression, and healthy boundaries.


Because we're asking you to trust us while we build this thang, our introductory listing price is only $5 per month. When we become famous famous, the price will increase to no more than $10/month. 


Being listed in our directory will gain you and your business exposure via social and print media and events. You can also look forward to word of mouth sharing from clients who were matched with a therapist from our directory and from therapists who have received referrals through it.


To add your listing:


1. Submit an application and recurring payment authorization.


2. Wait up to 48 business hours for your profile to go live!


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