Playgrounds & Freeze Cups


Episode 15: Ebony Dunigan, LMFT

Tune in to Episode 15 of Trap Therapist: The Radio Show w/@dylesiahamptonbarner, LCSW - “Playgrounds & Freeze Cups" feat. Ebony Dunigan, LMFT. Although from Brookhaven, MS, Ebony currently resides in Flint, MI where she owns and practices at the Christian Wellness Center. Ebony specializes in helping couples rebuild their relationship after an affair and is candid about her personal experience with affair recovery in her marriage. Listen in as Ebony and I talk the Black church and mental health, infidelity recovery, overcoming mental health stigma, and so much more!


Guadalupe (Funda) & Orchard Beach


Episode 14: Nydia Guity, LCSW

Tune in to Episode 14 of Trap Therapist: The Radio Show w/@dylesiahamptonbarner, LCSW - “Guadalupe (Funda) and Orchard Beach" feat. Nydia Guity, LCSW. Nydia resides in Atlanta, GA but is from Bronx, NY by way of Guadalupe Honduras. She has been in the field of behavioral health since 2011 and has experience working with children, adolescents and older adults in overcoming symptoms of anxiety and depression. Nydia also has experience servicing survivors of commercial sexual exploitation (CSEC). Recently, Nydia contributed to the book Unchain Me Mama: Forgiveness Factor Lessons Learned on My Journey to Understanding, which will be released later this year. Her chapter is titled Naturally Ever After - Forgiving Through Healthy Living and addresses how having symptoms of PCOS before being diagnosed caused tension in the relationship with her mother. Listen in as Nydia and I talk growing up in South Bronx as a Garifuna/Honduran, cultural norms, mother-daughter healing, and so much more!


Grandma's Love & Country Cooking


Episode 13: Racquel Merritt, LCSW

Tune in to Episode 13 of Trap Therapist: The Radio Show w/@dylesiahamptonbarner, LCSW - “Grandma's Love & Country Cooking" feat. Racquel Merritt, LCSW, LCAS. Racquel was born and raised in Raleigh, NC where she currently resides with her children and life partner, Donald. Earlier this year, Racquel and Donald opened Light-Work Resources Holistic Health Center where they offer counseling, coaching, meditation, yoga, art, dance, etc. Racquel and Donald also co-authored A Journey to Spiritual Health, a self-help guide for those appreciative of holistic approaches to mind, body, and soul healing. With 7 out of 10 adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), Racquel understands what it means to make something out of nothing and credits her upbringing for how easily she can connect with people from varying walks of life. Listen in as Racquel and I talk healing from intergenerational trauma, discovering self, and so much more!


Drug Dealers & Harry Potter


Episode 12: Lacrisha Holcomb, MA, LCAS-A 

Tune in to Episode 12 of Trap Therapist: The Radio Show w/@dylesiahamptonbarner, LCSW - “Drug Dealers & Harry Potter" feat. Lacrisha Holcomb, MA, LCAS-A, NCC. Lacrisha was born and raised in Wilmington, NC. Now a Charlotte, NC resident, she holds such titles as NBCC award-winning Therapist, Mental Health and Wellness Advocate, and Writer. Lacrisha is the Founder of Therapy Is Light @therapyislight, an entrepreneurial creativity-based brand that aims to decrease mental health stigma in underserved communities through witty awareness apparel, publications, and community speaking engagements. Listen in as Lacrisha and I discuss the role hip hop plays in the exacerbation of mental health issues among minorities, breaking the school to prison pipeline, and so much more!  


Robert's Coney Island & COOGI Sweaters


Tune in to Episode 11 of Trap Therapist: The Radio Show w/@dylesiabarner, LCSW - “Robert's Coney Island & Coogi Sweaters" feat. Shameka Green, LMFT-I. Shameka was born and raised in Detroit, MI, later relocating to Las Vega, NV where she founded Emma's House, Inc., a 501(c)3 organization that provides healthy self-esteem building programs for children and young ladies.. As a survivor of multiple forms of trauma, Shameka uses her platforms as an author, speaker, therapist, and non-profit leader to candidly share her story in hopes that it will awaken healing in others. Listen in as Shameka and I talk growing up with an incarcerated mother, overcoming trauma, and so much more! 


Chick-O-Sticks & the Corner Store


Tune in to Episode 10 of Trap Therapist: The Radio Show w/@dylesiabarner, LCSW - “Chick-O-Sticks & the Corner Store" feat. Lauren Giwa, LCSW. Lauren was born in Ohio, but relocated to Buffalo, NY at age 2. After undergraduate, she moved to New York City to pursue her MSW at CUNY Lehman College. Currently, Lauren is the Director of an alternative to incarceration nonprofit and owns a private practice. Listen in as Lauren and I talk self-sabotage among African-Americans, religion and therapy, and so much more! 


Block Parties & Crab Boils


Tune in to Episode 9 of Trap Therapist: The Radio Show w/@dylesiabarner, LCSW - “Block Parties & Crab Boils" feat. K. Priester, APCC, AMFT. K was born and raised in Jacksonville, FL. Currently residing in the Bay Area of California, K is a Clinical Family Therapist utilizing the Multidimensional Family therapeutic approach. Her clients are adolescents ages 12-18 who struggle with substance misuse and problem behaviors that result in criminal charges, including probation. Listen in as K and I talk working restoratively with families, dating as a clinician, and so much more!


The Iceberg Lady & Green Tanks


Tune in to Episode 8 of Trap Therapist: The Radio Show w/@dylesiabarner, LCSW - “The Iceberg Lady & Green Tanks" feat. Monique Simpson, LCSW. Monique was born and raised in Newport News where she currently resides as owner of EMORY Center for Counseling & Wellness. A Bachelor of Social Work and Master of Social Work graduate of Norfolk State University, Monique has nearly a decade of experience serving children and adults in a variety of settings ranging from offices, schools, family residences, and residential facilities. Her current clinical work focuses on assisting private practice clients with healing from trauma and managing an array of life transitions during the journey of self-discovery. Listen in as Monique and I talk parenting from a higher socioeconomic status than you were raised in, working with the geriatric population, and so much more!


Freaknik & The Olympics


Tune in to Episode 7 of Trap Therapist: The Radio Show w/@dylesiabarner, LCSW - “Freaknik & the Olympics" feat. Justin Murray, LMSW. Justin was born and raised in Atlanta, GA, in the Peoplestown/Summerhill community. As a former drug addict and alcoholic, and the survivor of a traumatic gun shot injury, he has a heart for reducing the stigma around substance abuse recovery. In 2011, Justin founded Serenity Seekers Worldwide as a response to how reticent and ashamed individuals overcoming substance abuse often are. Listen in as Justin and I talk reframing guilt and disgrace into pride, the challenges of being "young and sober" in today's society, and so much more!  


Catholic School Hustle


Tune in to Episode 6 of Trap Therapist: The Radio Show w/@dylesiabarner, LCSW - “Catholic School Hustle" feat. Jennifer McPherson, LPC, NCC. Jennifer was born and raised and currently resides in Philadelphia, PA. She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Temple University and her Master's in Counseling & Clinical Health Psychology from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Currently, Jennifer is pursuing an Executive MBA in Healthcare at Saint Joseph's University and owns McPherson Clinical & Consulting Services through which she provides telemental health services, coaching, consultations for medical and mental health providers, education, and clinical supervision. Jennifer is passionate about the integrated behavioral health model, creating access to mental health services for underserved populations, and advocating for the destigmatization of mental health. Listen in as we talk attending private school, parentification after the death of a guardian, and so much more!


New Orleans Music and Baby Sitter Club Books


Tune in to Episode 5 of Trap Therapist: The Radio Show w/@dylesiabarner, LCSW - “New Orleans Music & Baby Sitter Club Books" feat. Deatrice Green, LPC-S, RPT-S. Deatrice was born and raised in New Orleans, LA where she owns Aspire to Empower Counseling Services. As a registered play therapist and Gottman Couples Therapy provider, Deatrice is passionate about building African-American families and clinically specializes in work with children, adolescents, single women, and couples. She is also a Counseling PhD student at University of the Holy Cross. Listen in as Deatrice and I talk escapism as a coping mechanism, the use of children as weapons when dysfunctional parent dynamics exist, and so much more!  


Sugar Water & Roaches


Tune in to Episode 4 of Trap Therapist: The Radio Show w/Dylesia Barner, LCSW @dylesiabarner - “Sugar Water & Roaches,” featuring Valyncia Graham, LCPC, NCC, a therapist, minister, and speaker from the DC-Virginia-Maryland area. Currently residing in Laurel, MD, Valyncia owns Unstuck Counseling where she takes a self-developed five-step approach to freedom when working with clients. She has many years of experience providing clinical services in a variety of areas including domestic/intimate partner violence, substance abuse, eating disorders, and criminal corrections. Listen in as Valyncia and I talk religion, overcoming hatred toward parents, and so much more!


Hey Arnold & PePe Jeans


Tune in to Episode 3 of Trap Therapist: The Radio Show w/@dylesiabarner, LCSW - “Hey Arnold & PePe Jeans,” featuring Domonique Robinson, LMSW, a School Mental Health Consultant and Psychotherapist from New York, NY. Currently residing the Bronx, Domonique has eight years of experience working with children, adults, and families seeking healing and emotional wellbeing. Her passions include educating the black community on mental health and self-care, which she uses her website ( to do. Listen in as Domonique and I talk growing up in a domestically violent household, changing how you show up in romantic relationships, and so much more! 


Beauty Salons & Youth Programs


Tune in to Episode 2 of Trap Therapist: The Radio Show w/@dylesiabarner, LCSW - "Beauty Salons & Youth Programs," featuring "The Pop N Talk Therapist," Anyea Anderson, LMSW, a private practice social worker for Trenton, NJ. Currently residing in Atlanta, GA, she provides adult individual and group counseling to men and women from diverse backgrounds. Anyea is also author of The Glow Up Recovery Plan, a self-help workbook she designed to assist readers with not only surviving but thriving through various life circumstances. Listen in as Anyea and I talk co-parenting as a child, turning negatives into positives, and so much more!


Black Salena & Barbecue


Check out the first episode of Trap Therapist: The Radio Show w/@dylesiabarner, “Black Selena & Barbecue,” featuring Casey Dupart, MA, BCBA, a School Psychologist Board Certified Behavioral Analyst from Austin, TX. Currently residing in Salt Lake City, Utah, she serves students, families, and education staff as a Multi-Tier System of Support (MTSS) Specialist with the State Board Department of Education. Listen in as Casey and I talk growing up Mexican-Nigerian, survivor’s remorse, marriage with a partner from a different socio-economic status, and so much more!

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